The Advantages of Hiring a Consultant

Woman w GraphFor any company, it can be a daunting prospect to hire a consultant from the outside world. After all, you have likely spent years training employees, cultivating your company culture, and building up a structure that works. But just because you have a great team does not mean that you will not benefit from working with a consultant.

There are a lot of things that a good consultant can bring to the table that are impossible to get from internal review. For instance, an outsider can bring in expertise in a specific area that may not be the strength of the business owner or other managers. The company can take advantage of this expertise, letting the consultant focus on these problem areas while business owners can take that extra time and focus on their particular strengths. In the corporate world, we all know that time is money and those extra hours can have a huge impact on your bottom line, not to mention your professional satisfaction.

It is also important to realize that most consultants work with a wide variety of industries.  This means that they can offer you important insight and a broader context for your business strategies. Consultants have seen what other companies are doing and they know what works and what does not. This information can be extremely valuable in developing new strategies and improving processes, which brings us to the next point: fresh ideas.

Companies that are too set in their ways and that rely purely on existing internal knowledge can suffer when it comes to innovation. These companies are much more likely to become bogged down in stale ideas or become trapped under a cloud of groupthink. An outside consultant can bring in new ideas and energize teams that have stalled.

Aside from the points aforementioned, many companies erroneously believe that working with a consultant is simply too expensive. But dismissing the idea of consultants without considering the massive returns that are possible is a huge mistake. For instance, on average, Coltivar Group’s clients realize a return of 10 times on their consulting investment, and margin improvements of 5-10% within 2 to 3 years. The numbers here speak for themselves: the value that a consultant can provide is much greater than the upfront investment in consulting services.

Regardless of where your company is its life cycle – whether it is in the start-up phase, emerging as an industry, or mature and memorable – a consultant can be a valuable resources. Of course, all of these advantages are only applicable when the consultant is one who is ready and willing to challenge the conventions of your company, like Coltivar Group. The right consultant cannot only make his or her fee well worth it; they can truly reinvigorate your entire company.