Strategic Financial Leadership

This premier level program provides a unique platform for industry professionals to grow as strategic leaders of the future. Winning companies realize that investing to build strategic and financial acumen within their core team is not just a luxury but an absolute necessity. Throughout this course, participants will engage in lectures, study groups, workshops, and energizing team activities to build strategic and financial leadership capabilities. Attendees will broaden their understanding of their competitive environment and create future-oriented financial strategies to maximize organizational value. This is an in-depth, intensive training course for those that seek maximum value.

Course Details

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Target Audience
All Employees

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Course Materials
SFL workbook
Promotional Items

After Attending Participants Will Understand:

  • The changing role of financial leadership
  • The fundamentals of corporate strategy design
  • How operating models and structures enable strategic implementation
  • How to compete in a competitive marketplace
  • The core concepts of financial state analysis and financial modeling
  • The drivers of firm value creation
  • Best practices for the future accounting and financial professionals
  • Fundamentals of competing on business analytics
  • Attributes of strategic leadership
  • Principles for effective communication and persuasive presentations

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