Boosting Your Financial IQ

Even if a deep expertise of accounting and finance is not required to do your day-to-day job, you can certainly benefit from a foundational understanding of the flow of money in your company. Our program will equip you with the relevant tools and skills required to advance your career and navigate the diverse financial challenges facing today’s business leaders. Your organization will also benefit as we go far beyond the transmission of theory and provide hands on, industry-specific examples and tools that can be implemented immediately to improve the bottom line.

Course Details

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Target Audience
Vice Presidents
Administrative Staff
Project Managers
Field Operations

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Course Materials
BYFIQ workbook
Delivering Value book
Promotional Items

After Attending Participants Will Understand:

  • The flow of revenue, costs, overhead, and cash across the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow
  • The right levers of profitability to effectively improve the bottom line on both a project and company level
  • How to calculate trailing and forward looking trends to eliminate seasonality and short-term biases from your financial analysis
  • The true financial health of your business by monitoring cash flow across operating, investing, and financing activities
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in areas such as profitability and margin, liquidity and operating cash flow, growth, leverage, and asset management
  • The difference between profits and cash flow and how they apply to measuring competitive advantage and financial health
  • Free cash flow and its impact on the overall valuation of the company
  • Financial decisions that will positively impact the financial outcome of projects
  • How to maximize firm value through fundamental principles of revenue growth and return on invested capital

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