Strategy Design

Companies with well designed strategies and the tools and discipline to execute that strategy will seize opportunities and gain competitive advantages over the competition. This program combines decades of research and principles from real-world application to deliver best practices, tools, and skills to guide leaders through the strategy design process. Through an understanding of client progress and company purpose, strategic leaders will acquire the ability to craft a game-changing company strategy.

Course Details

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Target Audience
Senior Level Management
(Large Companies)
Senior Level Management & Owners
(Small Companies)
Middle Management
Emerging Leaders
Financial Leaders

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Course Materials
SD workbook
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After Attending Participants Will Understand:

  • Fundamental principles of strategy design and Coltivar’s proprietary methodology for crafting competitive advantages together with your team.
  • Four strategic frameworks and how your company can leverage shifting value drivers to select the right approach.
  • Your current approach to strategy and how it can be enhanced to drive better results.
  • How to align your team around a winning strategy that is client-centric and spurs innovation.
  • The interaction between strategy and finance that allows companies to capture greater firm value.
  • How to overcome the common pitfalls and biases that contaminate strategy and cause implementation to fail.
  • Design thinking techniques and empathy to uncover customer motivations and buying behavior.
  • Your company’s purpose and its winning aspiration.
  • The three sources of competitive advantage and begin charting a path to develop them strategically.
  • How to evaluate strategic opportunities that will propel your company ahead of rivals and position it for future growth.
  • Our proven method for setting strategic initiatives and monitoring progress through action steps and key performance indicators.
  • How to test your strategy to determine if it will allow your company to outperform the market and earn higher than industry average profits.
  • What makes an aligned, motivated, and focused team that is equipped to implement a winning strategy.

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