Client Experience Strategy

This one-of-a-kind program combines a perfect blend of theory and application to empower business leaders to craft client-centric strategies focused on innovation to deliver value. Participants will apply neuroscience and design thinking techniques to uncover human behavior, create client types, align teams, and build systems of activities across touch points that lead to competitive advantage. The application of these tools and skills will allow leaders to accelerate their networks and careers. Organizations will benefit from a competitive advantage that increases repeat business, improves employee engagement, and boosts the bottom line.

Course Details

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Target Audience
Business professionals with a client-oriented company

Coltivar Group: Strategy, Finance, Leadership Consulting

Course Materials
CXS workbook
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After Attending Participants Will:

  • Learn and apply a five step framework for cultivating a client experience strategy that will deliver relevant and exceptional value to the end user.
  • Apply both divergent and convergent thinking techniques to problem solving and idea generation.
  • Use neuroscience and design thinking to develop a deeper understanding of client progress and values.
  • Gain cutting-edge insights about the building blocks of client types and how they are applied across the client journey.
  • Build client-centric teams aligned on delivering value through a coordinated effort.
  • Make a client specific game plan that satisfies four critical components across touchpoints.
  • Design a system of client focused activities that will lead to competitive advantage.
  • Create a culture of innovation that harnesses creativity and captures greater values for clients and employees.

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