Illuminate Your Perspective

After hearing my daughter Ava continuously comment on the dark atmosphere of her room, I decided to investigate. While I recognized that her bedroom lighting was dim, it was not until my brother installed brand new can lights on her ceiling that I realized how truly gloomy her room had been before the update.

This situation occurs all too often. The commonly used phrase “hindsight is 20/20” refers not only to my belated realization of dim bedroom lighting, but is commonplace in business. I frequently hear managers excuse poor decisions on a basis of a lack of information. “If only we had known prior” is uttered, acquitting a firm of its shady environment.

Rather than accepting the “darkness” in our businesses—the knowledge deficiencies—we should rework our perspective to bring to light our true circumstances.

A framework that I rely on in my consulting practices is the Coltivar Growth Triangle. This triangle is comprised of three categories: strategy, finance, and leadership. I created this model to show the interdependent components of a business. A business is a complex system that relies on all cogs in the wheel to operate effectively. When managers attempt to pinpoint certain situations, defining their problems from a narrow-minded scope, they are diagnosing company issues in isolation.

For a comprehensive view of the business, I recommend first evaluating your company’s strength in the following areas: purpose, plan, people, process, product, and profit.

Once the company is assessed in siloes, it becomes important to look at the company’s dependent activities. For example, if there is no purpose, the foundation of a company on which to create an inspiring shared vision (the strategy), then there exists no long-term company motive. If employee satisfaction is low, productivity is unlikely. This can negatively impact profitability. All company segments work in conjunction.

To reveal business truths, it is important to illuminate your perspective.

Effective company strategy relies on integration of all business components. Those who begin to make decisions based on a 365-degree context will shine an illuminating light on their companies.