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Keeping the Bathwater, Throwing Out the Baby: Catering to the Wrong Customers

Most companies are built with the goal of attracting and retaining “good” customers—the kinds of customers who are a pleasure to deal with. A good customer -Is friendly, courteous, and “low-maintenance” -Makes timely payments -Values quality and service To be frank, good customers give you the most money for the least effort. This is the […]

Branding: Speak Clearly and Carry A Big Stick

Our previous post, “Image is Everything,” touched on branding basics and the importance of creating cohesion between your actual business and the concrete things that represent that business—such as marketing materials, your building, and even your people. While this is a vital concept, you need to take it a step further by making sure your company […]

Image is Everything

Branding is an important part of any business, regardless of whether it is a product- or service-oriented company. Do you know what message your current brand is sending to customers? Your brand is evident on all of your marketing materials. For most modern businesses, a website is the primary focus, but there are many more […]

Fostering an Environment of Intrapreneurship

“The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.” This Japanese proverb illustrates the attitude of certain cultures (and organizations) toward people who do not go along with the status quo. In the United States, we are generally more tolerant of individuality; after all, a melting-pot society is inherently composed of widely different people. Still, […]

The Cost of Quality

Too many companies develop a strategy of providing excellent customer service and delivering high quality results without realizing the implications of such actions.  Although advantageous and intuitive in many respects, a “please-all” service model can be very expensive for a business to sustain in the long term.  Therefore, instead of trying to delight every customer […]

The Value of the Candid Culture

Good business thrives on ideas. They should flow freely and be carefully curated so that only the best ideas are pursed. Unfortunately, many companies suffer from a culture that simply does not promote this strategy. Instead, employees and even managers are unwilling to criticize any idea lest they risk offending the person who had it. […]