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Encumbered Incumbents: How Startups are Changing the World

Business as we know it is on the verge of revolution.  While much of my research focuses strictly on the transformation occurring within the construction & infrastructure industry, the progressive market shift is impacting industries across the board. Companies that carved out a future by relying on a history are becoming overshadowed by budding, nimble […]

Want to Add a Little Magic to Your Business? It’s All in the Details

A few little known facts- Employees at Disney are not allowed to utter the words, “I don’t know.” Every employee at Disney is required to pick up trash whenever they see it. Each cast member is required to attend an intensive signature training so that all the characters’ signatures are completely identical. Although I may […]

The Efficiency Fallacy

Efficiency seems to be the Holy Grail of the corporate world. Many executives hire consultants—even specialists known as “efficiency experts”—to create more efficiency in their operations, believing that increased efficiency equals bigger profits. These clients want an outsider to find the hidden holdbacks in their business and make recommendations to revise those processes, believing that […]

Working on Purpose

Our culture has become very happiness-oriented. Not happy with your marriage? Get a divorce. Not happy with your house? Renovate—or move. Not happy with your job? Quit. Not happy with your entire life? Start over. There is definitely something to be said for striving to make positive life changes rather than simply accepting one’s lot. […]

Know your Past

When war is ever-present and natural disasters occur one after the other, there is always talk of the “imminent” apocalypse. Some people say that things are worse now than they ever were. However, anyone who was alive during the first half of the twentieth century probably would have believed that the world was coming to […]

The Power of Convictions

At Coltivar Group, we are big on convictions—not criminal convictions, but the personal kind. What are convictions? How do they differ from beliefs? Merriam-Webster defines conviction as A strong persuasion, belief, or opinion The feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true The state of being convinced1 The word belief is […]

The Many Roads to Profit

Making a profit: It’s one of the primary goals of most businesses, if not the primary goal. But even for corporate giants, profits fluctuate, and for varying reasons. Is there a way you can gain more control over your earnings? Honeywell saw a 17-percent increase in first-quarter profits in their performance materials and technologies division; […]

Offense or Defense: You Decide

Just about every businessperson on the planet knows Stephen Covey’s first step to becoming highly successful: “Be proactive.” The concept of being proactive as an individual is fairly easy to understand. But how can a company as a whole be proactive? When is a company being reactive? And is one better than the other? As […]