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Your Strategic DNA: Competing with Tactical Advantage

Redefining the Strategic DNA is critical when battling for limited profit in a hypercompetitive environment. Strategic DNA comprises both big picture vision and short-term executional tactics. Companies must first design a strategy, depicting where it wants to go in the long-term to fulfill its overarching mission. This requires companies to strongly define the perfect customer […]

Your Strategic DNA: Is it Inspiring? Is it Innovative? Is it Unique?

The Strategic DNA of a company composes the organizational foundation. It is the unique culmination of processes, resources, ideas, and culture that distinguishes a company from its competition. According to John Coleman, 88% of the companies that appeared on the Fortune 500 list in 1955 did not make the cut less than 60 years later. […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work & What To Do Differently

With 2018 looming before us, many people are turning their minds to making the inevitable list of New Year’s resolutions. While every magazine cover and internet article might be proclaiming the merits of committing yourself to hard core goal setting, it is rather telling that though the gyms are packed the first week in January, […]

Leaders, Followers, and Renegades

Companies—and societies—are made up of three types of people: leaders, followers, and renegades. What proportion of these three types should you have in your organization? Is one better than another? Is this even an appropriate way to categorize your employees? Robert E. Kelley wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review in 1988 called “In […]

Offense or Defense: You Decide

Just about every businessperson on the planet knows Stephen Covey’s first step to becoming highly successful: “Be proactive.” The concept of being proactive as an individual is fairly easy to understand. But how can a company as a whole be proactive? When is a company being reactive? And is one better than the other? As […]

Keeping the Bathwater, Throwing Out the Baby: Catering to the Wrong Customers

Most companies are built with the goal of attracting and retaining “good” customers—the kinds of customers who are a pleasure to deal with. A good customer -Is friendly, courteous, and “low-maintenance” -Makes timely payments -Values quality and service To be frank, good customers give you the most money for the least effort. This is the […]

Rugged Individualism

Some executives and managers live and work by the credo “If I want it done right, I have to do it myself.” Everyone knows somebody like this, and it may even be the person in the mirror. Many entrepreneurs start their businesses with limited capital and find themselves taking on several responsibilities initially to minimize expenses. Once […]

The Value of the Candid Culture

Good business thrives on ideas. They should flow freely and be carefully curated so that only the best ideas are pursed. Unfortunately, many companies suffer from a culture that simply does not promote this strategy. Instead, employees and even managers are unwilling to criticize any idea lest they risk offending the person who had it. […]