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Your Strategic DNA: Competing with Tactical Advantage

Redefining the Strategic DNA is critical when battling for limited profit in a hypercompetitive environment. Strategic DNA comprises both big picture vision and short-term executional tactics. Companies must first design a strategy, depicting where it wants to go in the long-term to fulfill its overarching mission. This requires companies to strongly define the perfect customer […]

Your Strategic DNA: Is it Inspiring? Is it Innovative? Is it Unique?

The Strategic DNA of a company composes the organizational foundation. It is the unique culmination of processes, resources, ideas, and culture that distinguishes a company from its competition. According to John Coleman, 88% of the companies that appeared on the Fortune 500 list in 1955 did not make the cut less than 60 years later. […]

Delivering Value Through a Robust Customer Experience

Customer experience is the business buzzword of the moment. According to a Forrester report, 72% of companies say that improving customer experience is their top priority for 2017. In fact, out of the $30B annually invested in corporate training in the U.S., the bulk is concentrated in leadership and customer service skills development. As customers […]

Want to Add a Little Magic to Your Business? It’s All in the Details

A few little known facts- Employees at Disney are not allowed to utter the words, “I don’t know.” Every employee at Disney is required to pick up trash whenever they see it. Each cast member is required to attend an intensive signature training so that all the characters’ signatures are completely identical. Although I may […]

Offense or Defense: You Decide

Just about every businessperson on the planet knows Stephen Covey’s first step to becoming highly successful: “Be proactive.” The concept of being proactive as an individual is fairly easy to understand. But how can a company as a whole be proactive? When is a company being reactive? And is one better than the other? As […]

Branding: Speak Clearly and Carry A Big Stick

Our previous post, “Image is Everything,” touched on branding basics and the importance of creating cohesion between your actual business and the concrete things that represent that business—such as marketing materials, your building, and even your people. While this is a vital concept, you need to take it a step further by making sure your company […]

Image is Everything

Branding is an important part of any business, regardless of whether it is a product- or service-oriented company. Do you know what message your current brand is sending to customers? Your brand is evident on all of your marketing materials. For most modern businesses, a website is the primary focus, but there are many more […]

Being a Cultural Navigator

Business owners, managers, and other corporate leaders should already know that in order to be effective, it is necessary to be able to see obstacles and tasks from many different perspectives. But as workplace diversity continues to grow and change the cultural makeup of many industries, it will only become a more important skill. Someone […]

The Cost of Quality

Too many companies develop a strategy of providing excellent customer service and delivering high quality results without realizing the implications of such actions.  Although advantageous and intuitive in many respects, a “please-all” service model can be very expensive for a business to sustain in the long term.  Therefore, instead of trying to delight every customer […]