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Focusing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

A few weeks ago, we talked about developing the entrepreneurial spirit. This post is about focusing and giving direction to it. Remember: it is just as important to be able to dismiss opportunities as it is to seize them. There was once an entrepreneur full of vigor, passion, and motivation, however he lacked the ability […]

Cultivating an Environment that Attracts and Retains the Ideal Employee

In a business environment where the average millennial employee remains at his or her job for a mere 4.4 years, most companies dream of hiring a worker who not only embodies core business values, but also exhibits a passionate, life-long devotion to their job. This “dream” employee has almost transformed into a mythical creature. How […]

Maintaining Company Culture in a Growing Environment

Company growth is often hailed as the ultimate fulfillment of company purpose. Increasing the number of shareholders in your vision elevates company brand and opens doors. While expansion transports a company to a new horizon, maintaining culture and strategy are often challenged during the transition period. How can a full-grown company still operate as a […]

Why People Aren’t Your Competitive Advantage

This past year, Verizon’s familiar ‘Can you hear me now?’ guy, Paul Marcarelli, began to appear in advertisements for Sprint. Though he served as the Verizon spokesperson for nearly a decade, his allegiance to the company was not strong enough to dissuade him from engaging in an enticing competitor contract. According to Paul, “guess what, it’s […]

The Do-It-Myselfer

Following Peyton Manning’s retirement speech yesterday, sports fans everywhere reverently reflected on his football legacy. He served the Colts and the Broncos from 1998 to 2016. A five-time league MVP, he won two Super Bowls and currently holds the record for the most NFL career passing touchdowns. His achievements are impressive, as was his recent performance […]

The Power of Convictions

At Coltivar Group, we are big on convictions—not criminal convictions, but the personal kind. What are convictions? How do they differ from beliefs? Merriam-Webster defines conviction as A strong persuasion, belief, or opinion The feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true The state of being convinced1 The word belief is […]