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Big Data For Small Companies

Big data is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing of traditional database tools.” Big data, however, is not only relevant to big companies. Big data and analytics are transforming the modern marketplace. Technological advancements have created an influx in data volume, complicated by […]

Two Things Missing from your Business Strategy

Each year executives embark on the arduous strategic planning process. After tireless discussion over the course of several weeks or months, sessions often result in haphazard job cost and revenue projections and detailed lists of company initiatives. While they may walk away from the process relieved to have a defined plan, confusion and lack of […]

Do Mistakes Equal Failure?

As a child, if you spill something on the floor, your mother shakes her head in frustration. In school, when you make a lot of mistakes on a test, you receive a low grade. When you accidentally reverse too carelessly in your car, inadvertently bumping into a shiny new Mercedes, you earn your insurance company […]

Illuminate Your Perspective

After hearing my daughter Ava continuously comment on the dark atmosphere of her room, I decided to investigate. While I recognized that her bedroom lighting was dim, it was not until my brother installed brand new can lights on her ceiling that I realized how truly gloomy her room had been before the update. This […]

Your Strategic DNA: Competing with Tactical Advantage

Redefining the Strategic DNA is critical when battling for limited profit in a hypercompetitive environment. Strategic DNA comprises both big picture vision and short-term executional tactics. Companies must first design a strategy, depicting where it wants to go in the long-term to fulfill its overarching mission. This requires companies to strongly define the perfect customer […]

Your Strategic DNA: Is it Inspiring? Is it Innovative? Is it Unique?

The Strategic DNA of a company composes the organizational foundation. It is the unique culmination of processes, resources, ideas, and culture that distinguishes a company from its competition. According to John Coleman, 88% of the companies that appeared on the Fortune 500 list in 1955 did not make the cut less than 60 years later. […]

The Future of Finance: Dare to Be Bold

In this quickly changing era, it can be difficult for companies to look ahead as many simply struggle to keep pace with the rapid transformation. Accountants and CFOs make changes based on current knowledge of their financial environment. These decisions often rely on lagging indicators. Rather than create value, most financial professionals compute and measure […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work & What To Do Differently

With 2018 looming before us, many people are turning their minds to making the inevitable list of New Year’s resolutions. While every magazine cover and internet article might be proclaiming the merits of committing yourself to hard core goal setting, it is rather telling that though the gyms are packed the first week in January, […]

Why People Aren’t Your Competitive Advantage

This past year, Verizon’s familiar ‘Can you hear me now?’ guy, Paul Marcarelli, began to appear in advertisements for Sprint. Though he served as the Verizon spokesperson for nearly a decade, his allegiance to the company was not strong enough to dissuade him from engaging in an enticing competitor contract. According to Paul, “guess what, it’s […]

Encumbered Incumbents: How Startups are Changing the World

Business as we know it is on the verge of revolution.  While much of my research focuses strictly on the transformation occurring within the construction & infrastructure industry, the progressive market shift is impacting industries across the board. Companies that carved out a future by relying on a history are becoming overshadowed by budding, nimble […]