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The Hidden Hero Of Your Company

When I was pursuing my undergraduate degree in accounting, my courses glorified the income statement as the “all-knowing” document. The balance sheet too, though slightly less emphasized, was considered an integral piece of evidence to indicate company health. After graduating and initiating my career at Ernst and Young, as auditors, we relied almost solely on […]

Do Mistakes Equal Failure?

As a child, if you spill something on the floor, your mother shakes her head in frustration. In school, when you make a lot of mistakes on a test, you receive a low grade. When you accidentally reverse too carelessly in your car, inadvertently bumping into a shiny new Mercedes, you earn your insurance company […]

The Future of Finance: Dare to Be Bold

In this quickly changing era, it can be difficult for companies to look ahead as many simply struggle to keep pace with the rapid transformation. Accountants and CFOs make changes based on current knowledge of their financial environment. These decisions often rely on lagging indicators. Rather than create value, most financial professionals compute and measure […]