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Big Data For Small Companies

Big data is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing of traditional database tools.” Big data, however, is not only relevant to big companies. Big data and analytics are transforming the modern marketplace. Technological advancements have created an influx in data volume, complicated by […]

Focusing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

A few weeks ago, we talked about developing the entrepreneurial spirit. This post is about focusing and giving direction to it. Remember: it is just as important to be able to dismiss opportunities as it is to seize them. There was once an entrepreneur full of vigor, passion, and motivation, however he lacked the ability […]

The Hidden Hero Of Your Company

When I was pursuing my undergraduate degree in accounting, my courses glorified the income statement as the “all-knowing” document. The balance sheet too, though slightly less emphasized, was considered an integral piece of evidence to indicate company health. After graduating and initiating my career at Ernst and Young, as auditors, we relied almost solely on […]

Staying Relevant = Innovation

The world is changing faster today than ever before. The business world likely underwent more transformation in the past week than it did over the course of a year a century ago. Technology has shifted the culture, redefined the consumer, and increased marketplace competition. It is up to companies to adapt to this ever-changing world […]

Cultivating an Environment that Attracts and Retains the Ideal Employee

In a business environment where the average millennial employee remains at his or her job for a mere 4.4 years, most companies dream of hiring a worker who not only embodies core business values, but also exhibits a passionate, life-long devotion to their job. This “dream” employee has almost transformed into a mythical creature. How […]

Two Things Missing from your Business Strategy

Each year executives embark on the arduous strategic planning process. After tireless discussion over the course of several weeks or months, sessions often result in haphazard job cost and revenue projections and detailed lists of company initiatives. While they may walk away from the process relieved to have a defined plan, confusion and lack of […]

Do Mistakes Equal Failure?

As a child, if you spill something on the floor, your mother shakes her head in frustration. In school, when you make a lot of mistakes on a test, you receive a low grade. When you accidentally reverse too carelessly in your car, inadvertently bumping into a shiny new Mercedes, you earn your insurance company […]

Maintaining Company Culture in a Growing Environment

Company growth is often hailed as the ultimate fulfillment of company purpose. Increasing the number of shareholders in your vision elevates company brand and opens doors. While expansion transports a company to a new horizon, maintaining culture and strategy are often challenged during the transition period. How can a full-grown company still operate as a […]

Illuminate Your Perspective

After hearing my daughter Ava continuously comment on the dark atmosphere of her room, I decided to investigate. While I recognized that her bedroom lighting was dim, it was not until my brother installed brand new can lights on her ceiling that I realized how truly gloomy her room had been before the update. This […]